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Pool Cleaning Tips

Pool cleaning tips

Top Tips to keeping your pool clean & safe.

Swimming pools can be a source of great fun and relaxation for young and old alike; especially during the summer months, providing they are kept clean and periodically maintained. The following tips on cleaning your pool can be carried out by you each week. The results are definitely worth the effort you’ll put in as your pool will become more attractive to your family and guests, and more importantly, regular cleaning will also ensure that your pool remains safe to swim in.

Before attempting to clean a pool yourself, it’s important that you pick up a few items to help you in this process. For pool cleaning, you’ll need to purchase the following:

  • Skimming net
  • Algae brush
  • Pool vacuum

These items can be found at your local hardware store or pool cleaning shop. For each product, you’ll probably find a selection of different brands available, so you should be able to find products within your specific budget.

Top 3 Tips on cleaning your pool.

  1. Remove leaves and debris:

    The first simple pool cleaning tip involves removing leaves and other unwanted items from the surface of your pool. To carry out this procedure, simply use your skimming net to pick up any leaves floating in your swimming pool. Most skimming nets come equipped with an adjustable handle that can reach the middle. Depending on the size of your pool, you may want to invest in a longer handle for your skimming net. To gather the leaves up, simply dip the skimming net slightly under the water’s surface to pick up the unwanted material.

  2. Remove Algae:

    Use your algae brush to scrub the sides and bottom of your pool, at least once a month. A simple back-and-forth motion should suffice. Cleaning your pool with an algae brush will keep bacteria and other build up from collecting on your pool’s walls, tiles or liner. If your pool has decorative tiles along its edges, you will want to scrub those once a month as well.

  3. Remove Dirt:

    Use your pool vacuum roughly once a week to remove dirt and other unwanted material from the bottom of your pool. Keep in mind that some of the automatic pool cleaners can be quite expensive and are not absolutely necessary to keep your pool clean. However, they can certainly simplify and keep part of the pool cleaning process automated. Finally, remember to clean and replace your pool filters on a regular basis. Spiders often can be found laying eggs around this area.

Alternatively, you can also scan the trade directory in your state for swimming pool cleaning companies. If you haven’t got the time; and who has these days, hiring a licensed tradesperson to clean your pool on a monthly basis is a great, and not to mention hands-free, way of ensuring that your pool stays clean and safe. It’s important to keep in mind that pool cleaning is a process that you will have to do on a regular basis, and hiring a professional will ensure that your pool is able to be used as often as you require it, plus having a  swimming pool contractor, that has a swimming pool construction license look over your pool each year will make sure that there are no cracks and leaks, that can cost thousand to repair if left unchecked, not to mention the cost of the water you need to keep replacing.

This is particularly good advice if your pool is heated. If heated by using gas, your local tradesperson with a gas fitters license can make sure your heater is running efficiently, and does not have any leaks; which are the last thing you want when a BBQ is nearby.

Remember to look for the Trades Check symbol to make sure the tradesperson you are using is qualified to do what they say they can do.

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