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Dob In A Tradie Day

March 19 2013: You can Report Unlicensed Tradesmen in South Australia

You can Report Unlicensed Tradesmen in South Australia on March 19 2013.

Have you been the victim of an unscrupulous tradesman or woman? Have you ever tried to get some renovations or repairs done around your home or business and had to deal with the trades person not arriving to site or immorally treating you with discontent? Have you ever encountered an incorrectly licensed or unlicensed trades person who has done work for you?

Well now you have your opportunity to ‘Dob in that Dodgy Tradie’.

On March 19 between the hours of 9am to 5 pm, all South Australians can dob in a tradie by ringing the CBS (Consumer and Business Services) office on 131 882 and report a trades person who is unlicensed or without the appropriate license, immorally ripping people off or refused to return to fix problems and left your job not finished.

The consequences of hiring unlicensed or incorrectly licensed tradespeople are they can leave substandard work on your projects which can be very unsafe and dangerous to your family. This often leaves clients with costly repair bills to correct the project to a safe standard. Effectively the client pays for the one job to be done twice.

Any ‘rogue tradies’ that are reported will be issued with a warning letter regarding the alleged illegal activity and if further action is required, the trades person will be convicted or disciplined. Fines can reach up to $20,000 under the current legislation depending on the severity of the activity.

It is the government’s aim to stamp out this unscrupulous workmanship and the department at CBS are keen to hear stories of consumers having to fork out extra money on repair bills after the unlicensed trades person has come and gone. With this information they can target theses unlicensed tradesmen with increased monitoring and they also hope to educate the industry more on the importance of correct licensing and training.

Monitoring can be conducted through many ways such as reports from councils, media searches through phone books and advertisements, education through the relevant training industries such as the Housing Industry of Australia and the Master Builders of Australia and the assessing of complaints from people reporting dishonest activity.

The tradespeople that are under investigation include carpenters, plumbers, gas fitters, electricians, tilers, bricklayers through to landscapers and roofers, so help us clean up the building industry by dobbing in unlicensed tradesmen on– ‘Dob in a Tradie Day’.

If you want to check your next trades person is licensed before allowing them to begin work, see if they display the Trades Checked Symbol on Trades Check or you can visit the CBS’s Licensing Public Register for more information.

We would like to hear your stories. If you have dealt with unlicensed trademen leave a comment below and ‘Dob in a Tradie’ to us!

Article written by: Josh Story

Josh Story is a licensed building supervisor in Australia, founder and owner of 'Trades Check'.
Follow him on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.


  1. Nigel Brookson says:

    Dob in a Tradie is an excellent initiative from Consumer and Business Services. There is, as we all know too many unlicensed tradesmen working in the building industry, which is, as you mentioned Josh, not good for consumers. It is also not good for the industry because it gives honest, reliable, licensed tradesmen a bad name; not to forget taking work and income away from them. Let’s hope the day is well supported!

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