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Solar Panel Deals Adelaide

How to make sure you get Adelaide's Best Solar Panel Deal

How to make sure you get Adelaide’s Best Solar Panel Deal.

With so many solar panel deals, Adelaide solar energy companies advertise, it can be confusing. When comparing all the specials from solar energy companies that are competing for your business take your time, making sure you not rushing in to something just because it sounds like a good deal.

If you’re looking for the best value for money solar panels for your home or business in Adelaide, South Australia, make sure you do your homework on the deal first. Price, really should be the last thing you compare.

When shopping around for the best solar panel deal in Adelaide, take note of the following points:

  • Are all the products, the solar energy company in Adelaide offers for sale, accredited solar products with the Clean Energy Council, meeting Australian Standards?
  • Is the company an accredited solar energy company?
  • Does the company use licensed installers? Most importantly is the solar energy installer licensed and accredited that will be physically working on your system?

Once you are satisfied that the company meets this criteria, take a look at the solar products the solar energy company is offering.
Most solar energy companies in Adelaide will offer two or more options, varying the make and quality of the solar panels and inverters. There’s quite a few manufacturers in the market now and some brands are inferior to others; which is why they are cheaper.

After establishing what solar products are included in the quote and the licensing and accreditation of the installers and solar energy company, you should now look at the solar panel deals offered.

When comparing solar system quotes, you need to compare ‘apples for apples’. Ensure the same size solar system is quoted (measured in Kilowatts) and the same makes and models are priced in the deal. The difference between the solar panel deals will then be the cost of installation.

Too many people are choosing the cheapest solar panel deal in Adelaide they can find, thinking all solar systems are the same; not realising that many Adelaide solar energy companies offer different makes and models of solar panels and inverters, some of which aren’t accredited solar products, and some have a history of becoming faulty, quite soon after installation.

Cheap solar panel deals generally means there is a ‘cost cut’ somewhere and you don’t want that to be on quality; cheap solar panels are generally cheap for a reason, or on the installation.

There is nothing to be afraid of when purchasing your solar energy system, but to do your homework and research on the solar panel deals in Adelaide, solar energy companies have on offer, before you sign up.

Article written by: Josh Story

Josh Story is a licensed building supervisor in Australia, founder and owner of 'Trades Check'.
Follow him on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.


  1. Solar Energy in Australia says:

    Reading solar energy company reviews is definitely a point worth mentioning. Most people look at price and how fast the solar system can be installed, but as you mentioned Josh, doing your homework on the company and the products in the deal is so important.

  2. Nigel Brookson says:

    The number of solar energy companies in Adelaide offering special solar panel deals is increasing as the government multiplier rebates have stopped. Before you decide on what company to go with, find out if they passed all solar system audits the government may have conducted.

    • Yes you are right Nigel. Since the government rebates, the number of solar panel deals has increased. I would suggest researching between 3 to 5 solar energy companies in Adelaide before selecting the one to buy from. I also think the government should conduct far more solar system audits than they have been in the past. Results from these audits are uncovering far too many cases of poor workmanship and faulty products being used, as well as unlicensed installers doing the work.

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