Trades Check: Find Licensed Tradesmen & Home Improvement Ideas
Trades Check: Find Licensed Tradesmen & Home Improvement Ideas
Advertise on Trades Check

Advertise On Trades Check

Stand Out From The Crowd – Be Seen by Thousands.

Trades Check ( is fast becoming the ‘go to’ page for all builders, suppliers, DIY home handymen and consumers looking for home improvement ideas, information and reputable tradespeople they can trust. With millions of people looking for tradespeople all over Australia, are they able to find your business?

Advertising Options Available

There are 2 cost effective ways to promote your business on Trades Check.

  1. Platinum Trade Listing

    For just $1400 per annum (GST inclusive) you can be listed on Trades Check with a ‘Platinum Listing’ instead of a free listing. Monthly payment plans are available; just one upfront payment of $300 followed by 11 monthly payments of $100 will get you your very own ‘Platinum Professional Trade Listing’.

    Below is a list of benefits designed to give your business more exposure and drive more customers to you:

    • Your page takes up the full width, with no sidebar,
    • In the details tab on your page, your email address becomes ‘clickable’ allowing customers to email you immediately
    • In the ‘details’ tab on your page, your website url becomes ‘clickable’ allowing customers to visit your website
    • The number of tabs increases (customisable) to allow for more information about your business to be displayed
    • Your business will also be shown on the RHS sidebar for the category page your trade is listed under, so you will be seen every time someone is looking for services you can supply
    • You have the option to be the ‘expert’ adviser in the forum, answering questions related to your industry, giving you increased exposure
    • You can create up to 5 articles of interest with guest author credit and link to your website
    • You will carry the ‘Trade Checked’ logo, letting customers and other trades know your details have been checked by us!

  2. Banner Advertising

    The best way to be seen by as many people as possible is to advertise your business with a banner.

    All banner placements can be paid monthly, on a 12 month agreement – for a minimum of 12 months.

    Banners can be placed in the following areas:

    • On top of every page (above the content) within a trade category,
    • At the bottom of every page (above the footer) within a trade category,
    • At the top of a sidebar for a specific trade category,
    • At the bottom of a sidebar for a specific trade category.

Please also know that custom placement is possible on specific pages such as the home page or other highly viewed pages.

Trades Check caters to all business sizes and budgets. We’re also happy to tailor an effective advertising solution, cost-effectively for you.