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Paving Contractors


What Paving Contractors Do – The Role of a Paving Contractor.

A professional paving contractor will ensure a quality-paving job, from helping choose the right pavers for your home to establishing a level, sturdy base to lay them on. Pavers come in a variety of colours, textures and sizes. Pavers are also made from a variety of materials, making them a great option for driveways, paths, entertaining areas and garden paths.

When choosing a paving professional you should check they are licensed, qualified and experienced. Obtain a quote for the work and from more than one paving business. Ensure you receive a fixed quote on both materials and labor costs. The type of pavers, size and complexity of the job will impact on the rate charged which will usually be quoted on a per square metre basis.

Types Of Pavers

There are many types of pavers available and the cost will vary significantly from cheap concrete 40mm thick pavers to large format stone pavers. The thickness of the pavers and the base must be considered to ensure structural integrity. Pavers can be made from brick, clay, terracotta, concrete, slate, timber, stone (such as granite, limestone or sandstone) or ceramic materials.

Pavers can be laid in patterns, offering decorative options. All pavers should be laid on a well-prepared base of either concrete or sand and road base. A paving contractor will have the requisite knowledge to consider structural integrity and design.


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