Trades Check: Find Licensed Tradesmen & Home Improvement Ideas
Trades Check: Find Licensed Tradesmen & Home Improvement Ideas
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Platinum Professional Trade Listing

Increase Your Businesses Exposure

For just $1,400 per annum (including GST), you can be listed on Trades Check with a ‘Platinum Professional Trade Listing’ instead of a free listing.

Below is a list of the benefits, designed to give your trade business more exposure and drive more customers to you:

  • Your page takes up the full width, with no distracting sidebar,
  • Colour ‘Featured Image’ replaces default category black and white image,
  • In the ‘Details’ tab on your page, your email address becomes ‘clickable’ allowing customers to email you immediately,
  • In the ‘Details’ tab on your page, your website url becomes ‘clickable’ allowing customers to visit your website,
  • Up to 5 extra tabs; in addition to the standard ‘Services’ & ‘Details’, (customisable) to allow for more information about your business to be displayed,
  • Your business will also be shown on the RHS sidebar for the category page your trade is listed under, so you will be seen every time someone is looking for the service you supply,
  • You have the option to be the ‘expert’ adviser in the forum, answering questions related to your industry, giving you increased exposure and credibility,
  • You can create up to 5 articles of interest with guest author credit and link to your website,
  • Images you supply are included across the website with a credit and link to your ‘Platinum’ page.

If you are ready to upgrade your free listing, or want to add your listing as a ‘Platinum Professional Trade Listing’, without already having a free listing, please complete this form.

One of our friendly staff will then be in contact, to assist you get the most out of your listing and organise payment. Monthly payment plans are available on request.

If you are not sure about anything or have questions, contact us here for assistance.

‘Platinum Professional Trade Listing’ Form

Platinum Listing

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