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What Are The Best Pavers To Use For Paving


Find out What the Best Pavers are to Use for Paving a Patio, a Driveway and Around a Pool.

Pavers are an excellent alternative to laying a concrete slab and will enhance the look and feel of any outdoor living area; while adding value to your home.

When trying to work out what the best pavers are to use, first think about the area you will be paving and ask yourself these questions.

  • Will the paved area just have foot traffic?
  • Will heavy furniture be placed on the pavers?
  • Will cars be driving on the pavers?
  • Will people be walking on the pavers while they are wet; such as around a swimming pool or outdoor spa area?
  • What paving pattern will best suit the area you’re paving; read more about the most popular paving patterns if you are unsure.
  • Will you be laying the pavers yourself, or will you want to search for and hire your local paving contractor to lay them for you?

Depending on the look you are after, you can choose square concrete pavers in the following sizes:

  • 190mm x 190mm that are 30mm thick,
  • 240mm x 240mm and 300mm x 300mm pavers that come in thicknesses of 40mm, 50mm and 60mm,
  • 400mm x 400mm, 450mm x 450mm and even 500mm x 500mm that are all 40mm thick.

You may want to use concrete pavers that are rectangular in shape; more like bricks; which come in the following dimensions:

  • 240mm x 120mm with a choice of 40mm,50mm and 60mm thicknesses,
  • 400mm x 600mm that are 40mm thick.

If you are wanting to give your outdoor living area that ‘old world charm’ there are some alternatives made by Boral.

  • ‘Cobbles’ which come in 400mm x 100mm and are 40mm thick,
  • ‘Cobblestone’ which is 50mm thick and 450mm x 300mm, and
  • ‘Old Town’ which come 450mm x 300mm or a ‘Random’ version which comes 450mm x 300mm, 300mm x 300mm and 600mm x 300mm; all of which are 40mm thick.

The thickness you use will be dictated by the weight you are going subject the paver to. For foot traffic only, 40mm is fine. if you will be driving the family car over them then look at a paver with a thickness of at least 50mm and if you will be driving over your pavers with a truck, then the 60mm thick paver will be the best choice.

What are the best pavers for a patio?

Patio paving stones come in a variety of shapes sizes, designs and materials, so there is sure to be a paver that will enhance the patio area in your garden.
Most patio areas don’t take cars, or even large amounts of heavy furniture; just foot traffic, so they don’t have to be anymore than 40mm thick. One of the best pavers to use for paving a patio area is the ‘Stoneworks’™ paver made by Boral. This paver has a textured finish to the top surface, which is quite decorative and also provides a better nonslip surface when they get wet, making them one of the best all round pavers for patios on the market today.
Popular paving patterns used for patio areas are ‘radial’ and ‘herringbone-45’.

What are the best pavers for a driveway?

The best pavers for paving a driveway are 60mm thick. Even if you wont be driving a truck over them, don’t forget that you may have a truck reverse up your driveway one day delivering mulch or other landscaping material, perhaps a furniture truck or even a large 4×4 can weigh a lot when it’s loaded up with 5 people; so play it safe and opt for the thicker paver to take the weight. The pattern you choose is also important for added structural integrity.

The most popular paving patterns for a driveway, using rectangular pavers, such as the ‘Classicpave™’60, made by Boral, are those that have the pavers interlocking; such as ‘basketweave’, ‘herringbone’ or ‘stretcher’ as opposed to being laid in a ‘stack’ pattern.

What are the best pavers for around a pool?

The best pavers to use for paving around a pool are those that have a textured finish to them. Pavers around a pool also are best if they enhance the mood and style of the pool and the ambiance you are trying to create. Larger pavers are more popular, giving a feeling of space; such as the 500mm x 500mm ‘Travertine’ made by Boral, used by ‘top end’ new home builders, like Desyn Homes.

What is the Best Brand of Pavers?

Boral offer a complete range of pavers and paving stones, made from concrete or clay and there are more than enough colour choices in their selection, across the complete range of pavers; so Boral have to be considered one of the best brand of pavers to use whether you need them for around a pool, the driveway or patio area.
Boral also sell accessories like ‘Geo-Fix’™; a revolutionary air-cured alternative to cement or ‘Pavelok’™ which is far superior to sand.
Most hardware shops or landscaping suppliers will stock these two products and even if you are using a professional paving contractor, make sure they are using one of these products to help keep your pavers from moving and free from weeds and algae.


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